Polimom’s identity has always been shrouded in secrecy, and that’s led to a great deal of fun for me — but there’s really nothing to hide, I promise! It’s more a matter of personal space than anything else, and in all honesty, telling you my “real” name wouldn’t enlighten you very much.

Perhaps you’re curious about my credentials? They’re pretty ordinary: degrees in Criminal Justice and Counseling Psychology, a former Arabic linguist for the Army (and other languages just for the pleasure of it!), a photographer, a writer and blogger (here, occasionally at the Chronicle, and also at The Moderate Voice).

I’ve lived all over the country and traveled some of the world (though not nearly enough!), but home is now — finally — a small town in southern New Hampshire.

Above all else, though, I’m an American, a mother, and a wife.

I’m the lady in line behind you, or in the car in front of you. I’m the woman next door who walks the dog, or chases the kids, or plays soccer. I’m all of these things combined, and none of them individually. I’m just another person trying to understand this world, and maybe tweak it here and there.

There’s really nothing extraordinary or different here – except that I have a computer, and I’m not afraid to use it.