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jfalgout @ Mon, 2005-09-05 19:11

For more general discussions about conditions, etc.

Polimom @ Mon, 2005-10-24 19:06

From the email:

From Diana Fried in New Orleans - October 18, 2005:

Our first team has been here for over a week, and the second group is
now arriving. It has been an incredible week!

On Sunday we were invited to a Vietnamese community (Queen Mary of Vietnam Catholic Church!) where hundreds have just returned to their devastated areas - many can not stay in their homes, of course...and are back to start cleaning up. They were so incredibly grateful for what we were doing. We had all these folks sitting in church pews with acupuncture needles in their ears! They invited us back next Sunday when 1500 people will be returning, along with the Archbishop. Father Luke...sweet man...was so happy we were there. He said: "We will survive and we will rebuild!" The woman running the place kept coming up to us and kissing us and saying "God bless you". Many of these folks were refugees from Vietnam.

We have been going out to communities with Common Ground (the
incredible community-based clinic and food distribution program,
started by Malik Rahim, and run out of his mosque in Algiers, a
neighborhood of New Orleans). Common Ground is doing amazing work. We treat every day at their clinic and then we go with their mobile unit
to other areas. Their volunteers from all over the country are doing
the really hard gritty work of cleanup, as well as staffing a clinic
and food distribution. With tears in her eyes, one of the nurses told

Fergie @ Wed, 2005-10-05 19:09

Does anyone know if the city is picking up refrigerators and when? If so what is the proper way to leave it on the curb?

I've noticed several people have it wrapped in tape. Others empty it and remove the doors.

Thank you.

jareyn @ Mon, 2005-09-26 09:54

I just called my local post office (McArthur Blvd.) to see if they were holding mail for Algiers Point residents.
I was told all the mail for our post office was in Houston, so it's not available to be picked up at the post office here.
The postal employee I spoke to also said mail should be arriving in time for the postal carriers to begin home delivery on Saturday.

jagjad @ Sat, 2005-09-24 09:17

Does anyone know the status of the residents of the Touro-Shakespere Nursing Home on Gen Meyer Ave.
Were they moved somewhere?

I am in Georgia with USDA Disaster Recovery Team (NASA/Michoud Facility)

My email address is

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