To My New Guests

Polimom @ Thu, 2005-09-22 09:12

Good morning all,

Since Reuters picked up the story about Polimom, and the mess down on the Point after Katrina, we've had a large number of visitors. This note is just to say hi, and orient you a bit.

First - is a support site we launched when Algiers residents were trying so hard to stay in touch with one another. Most of the story they are talking about in the news did not play out at this url, but rather, on "Polimom Says..." - a blog. The community proved its caring on the forums here, after the danger passed.

Next - The aftermath of Katrina and the ensuing chaos happened, for the outside world, on the blog. If you are visiting polimom in pursuit of more information about those events, I suggest you start with the archives for that first week, here.

Finally - Early on, there was traffic on the blog from websites and organizations looking to support their radical right or left racist opinions. I wrote directly to that issue, and if you are here because you think Algiers is a "white enclave", or that I was supporting "vigilante justice", then I strongly recommend this blog entry as your starting point.

You are welcome here. We all feel very strongly that everyone did their absolute best to help one another, and I, for one, am pleased the story is spreading more widely.


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