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Flu in the neighborhood (A ticked off update!)

Okay.  I’m getting angry now.  Update here * * * * * From KatyISD, just now: Katy ISD received notification today from the Fort Bend County Department of Health & Human Services (FBCHHS) of a “highly probable” case of the H1N1 (swine flu) virus at Beckendorff Junior High. The FBCHHS, which serves as the lead authority [...]

TAKS, Katy, Flu, and Floods (Updated)

UPDATE 8:04 am:  Katy ISD has closed all campuses for the day. All Katy ISD campuses will be closed today, April 28, due to localized flooding, water intrusion at several campuses and the threat of additional flooding this afternoon. (Adorable Child is thrilled!) * * * * *   Original post: So far, our local school [...]

Hoping for a “snow day”, and more Katy weirdness

Adorable Child (AC) tells me that her good friend’s mom thinks they may not have to go to school tomorrow. Cuz there’s a hurricane out there. When I pointed out that said hurricane was hitting a different state altogether, and that it probably won’t even be a hurricane by the time she wakes in the [...]

KISD, and the generalized hurricane weirdness in Katy

Monday morning, September 1st 2008 in Katy, Texas. Schools are out and (many) businesses are closed — not because of the hurricane, but because it’s Labor Day. So what arrives in my email this morning? A “Hurricane Preparedness Bulletin” from Katy Independent School District. They’re at “Readiness Level 3″, and they’re going to keep us [...]

Parents, policy, and hormones

When Adorable Child (AC) started middle school in the Katy school system this past year, I had a somewhat malicious sense of satisfaction in knowing she has to get up a full hour earlier (6 am) than she had to in elementary school. Given the flack that comes my way from my pre-teen, I wasn’t [...]