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Gearing Up for a Special Good-Bye

In 2000 — nearly a decade ago now — Polimom and Adorable Child returned to the Houston area. We came with nothing. A newly-single mom, I’d left my beloved tiny village in upstate New York;  there simply were no jobs in my field in the area.  So I headed south, where I hoped that my [...]

Snow”storm” 09

Started, and ended, early.  Sure was pretty while it lasted, though. My flowers, unfortunately, were NOT impressed. On the upside, the kids got out early, when the snow was heaviest, and made snow angels. Life is good!

“Winter Storm Warning”

Hahahaha!!!!   That’s the weather report for us today — in Katy, Texas, of all places!!! And best of all, it started to snow on us already as I drove Adorable Child to school this morning!  Nothing funnier than seeing a bunch of usually self-conscious Texas teens out in front of a junior high school, trying [...]

Flu in the neighborhood (A ticked off update!)

Okay.  I’m getting angry now.  Update here * * * * * From KatyISD, just now: Katy ISD received notification today from the Fort Bend County Department of Health & Human Services (FBCHHS) of a “highly probable” case of the H1N1 (swine flu) virus at Beckendorff Junior High. The FBCHHS, which serves as the lead authority [...]

TAKS, Katy, Flu, and Floods (Updated)

UPDATE 8:04 am:  Katy ISD has closed all campuses for the day. All Katy ISD campuses will be closed today, April 28, due to localized flooding, water intrusion at several campuses and the threat of additional flooding this afternoon. (Adorable Child is thrilled!) * * * * *   Original post: So far, our local school [...]