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A Milestone

Just last night, I told Adorable Child that our lives would be approaching “normal” again when she saw me processing a big series of shots… and wouldn’t you know it, but this morning brought fog. I had to – had to – go for it. Okay… so it’s not a big series.  I probably only [...]

Spring is sprunging already?

Wildflowers are popping out all over the bayous. Is it just me, or does it seem a bit early for this?

Urban Paddling (Updated)

Update:  Via a link provided by Glenn over at the Flickr page for this photo, it turns out the cool “Stonehenge” shots (as I thought of them) are of the Donnellan Grave Vault — a burial crypt for one of Houston’s early families: The Donnellan crypt is a large vault made of red brick with [...]

Dirty Drainage Ditches

If you live anywhere in the Houston area, this story should bother you: Fecal pathogens are thriving in the regional waterways. Buffalo and White Oak bayous have bacterial counts that rank among the highest in Texas. [...] Whitworth said the city of Houston has done better recently upgrading sewage treatment plants, spending $1 billion since [...]