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A Milestone

Just last night, I told Adorable Child that our lives would be approaching “normal” again when she saw me processing a big series of shots… and wouldn’t you know it, but this morning brought fog. I had to – had to – go for it. Okay… so it’s not a big series.  I probably only [...]


Bucky, 2007: Bucky, 2008: Officers arrested Gregory, 23, late Friday on accusations that he was responsible for decapitating Mr. Buck, a tame deer that visitors could pet at Bear Creek Pioneers Park’s wildlife sanctuary. The only thing I can say about this that’s at all upbeat is that Bucky fought back. **Sigh…**

No matter how early, I’m always too late

I’ve been waiting and waiting for some morning fog, so I can get out and shoot… and I was thrilled Thursday morning when I looked outside and saw that we were socked in. Quickety splickety, I was out the door in the dark, leaving Dear Husband in charge of Adorable Child and the bus…  and [...]

Electoral Insanity

I think it was Albert Einstein who defined insanity as doing the same thing again and again, and expecting different results. When it comes to the US Congress, Einstein would no doubt have considered American voters to be insane.    We re-elect the same people time after time, yet are unhappy that nothing seems to change.    [...]

Texas – CD 7

(On October 6 2008, I sent letters to each candidate running for US Congress in Harris and Fort Bend counties, asking them to publicly commit to fiscal responsibility via PAYGO.  I’m posting the replies (and lack thereof) by race / district, but I’ll also be writing about my general reaction to this civics experiment, and [...]