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About Those New Texas Education Standards…

After months of wrangling, and highlighted by several days of acrimonious debate and political stupidity, the Texas State Board of Education passed a new set of curriculum standards yesterday. There are… um… some problems. Sigh… Since Adorable Child will be entering high school next year, our impending relocation out of Texas seems all the more [...]

Houston A Drag on Texas Unemployment Figures

Oh dear.  Coming right on the heels of yesterday’s post about trying to run against success, this is not good news for Bill White and his planned campaign for governor. The local unemployment rate shot up to 8.8 percent in January, the Texas Workforce Commission reported this morning. The rate was 8.2 percent in December. [...]

Running Against Success in Texas (Good Luck With That)

There’s lots of commentary out this morning about incumbent Rick Perry’s win over Kay Bailey Hutchison in the Texas GOP gubernatorial primary. The general take-away seems to be that Governor Perry benefited from (as Jonathan Martin puts it at the Politico) “an anti-Washington message in an already volatile political environment”. I really don’t think so, [...]

Gearing Up for a Special Good-Bye

In 2000 — nearly a decade ago now — Polimom and Adorable Child returned to the Houston area. We came with nothing. A newly-single mom, I’d left my beloved tiny village in upstate New York;  there simply were no jobs in my field in the area.  So I headed south, where I hoped that my [...]

Snow”storm” 09

Started, and ended, early.  Sure was pretty while it lasted, though. My flowers, unfortunately, were NOT impressed. On the upside, the kids got out early, when the snow was heaviest, and made snow angels. Life is good!