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Walmart and the Barbie Wars

I found the remnants of Adorable Child’s Barbie collection this morning.  Only two have survived. There’s probably deeper meaning here, but it won’t be found at Walmart.

Policing One’s Thoughts

Are you prejudiced?  Or bigoted? No? Are you sure?

Into the rural heartland

Polimom and Dear Husband spent the past weekend in the Arkansas mountains (again) — but this time, we weren’t hiking or canoeing.  Rather, we were poking around at real estate, hoping to find a vacation spot (aka Polimom’s “Bolt Hole”). In fact, since Adorable Child is approaching high school age, we’re open to retirement possibilities [...]

Now Socialism is a racist code word?

Over the course of this interminable election season, there have been instances where racism has seemed to rear its ugly head.  But Republicans calling Obama a socialist isn’t one of them. The “socialist” label that Sen. John McCain and his GOP presidential running mate Sarah Palin are trying to attach to Sen. Barack Obama actually [...]

Tasteless ain’t racist

I’m still wandering the roads of Cinco Ranch, wondering when my truck’s going to be back-ended by a raving anti-Obama madman (or woman). So far, there have been nothing but odd looks… but down the road a few miles in Sugarland, things are a bit less refined.  From the Houston Chronicle: SUGAR LAND — In [...]