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Life’s little (texting) hazards

So.  A teen girl is walking along a sidewalk, blithely texting — and therefore not paying the slightest attention to where she’s walking.   (You just know this isn’t going to end well… right?) I have a perfect visual, since one of Adorable Child’s friends walked into a tree last year doing exactly this.   She, at [...]

Enterprising young people

Adorable Child stayed at a friend’s house last night, so she doesn’t yet know what’s waiting for her here at home. Polimom and Dear Husband, otoh, have known about this since 4:30 am, when the doorbell rang.  And when we didn’t rush downstairs, it rang yet again, accompanied by pounding. Evidently it frustrated them immensely [...]

“Don’t talk to anybody, Mom”

Adorable Child just called from school.  It seems that she needs me to rush right up there (*snort!!*) to sign a form.  (It’s the last day, Mom!) Sorry, AC.  Can’t rush up there right now. So she says it’ll be okay if I come at lunch-time and meet up with her to sign it.  Oh!  [...]

Gossip Girls

For the record:  I wouldn’t go back to these years for any amount of money. No way.  No how.

(Non) Hiking with teenagers

Adorable Child has a friend visiting from up North for a couple of days who has never seen an alligator “in the wild” (her words). Now, we have alligators all over the place here.  I see them in the local bayous all the time, and AC’s friends often talk about the time a gator was [...]