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Some promises for my daughter

I promise… to stop yelling at you. In return, you must promise to stop arguing every time you don’t get your way. I promise… to drive you to your various medical appointments. In return, you must promise to do what the doctors and therapists have asked of you. I promise… to give you an allowance. [...]

Dear World (From an Angry Parent)

Waking up at 4 am because the mind is going TickTickTick sucks. Seriously. And while it would be reasonable to assume this is driven by worry about my Mom, the source of today’s baggy eyes installment is Adorable Child… or rather, the garbage the world is hurling at her just now. It’s not enough, evidently, [...]

New School Anxiety

It’s 4 am, and (obviously) I’m awake… for the third morning in a row.  Or is it the fourth?  I’m losing track.    But there’s nothing to be done about it until school gets started. My puffy eyes and foggy brain are a direct result of Adorable Child’s New School Anxiety, manifesting as nightmares every night.  [...]

Conversations with Teens

The other day in the car, Adorable Child, her friend, and I were talking about American Idol this season.  We all agreed that this year’s not worth watching (AC and I aren’t following it at all), and that last year was far more exciting. And as so often happens with teens, the conversation went in [...]

Walmart and the Barbie Wars

I found the remnants of Adorable Child’s Barbie collection this morning.  Only two have survived. There’s probably deeper meaning here, but it won’t be found at Walmart.