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Wingnuts of the Week

Here’s John Avlon, introducing a new segment on “American Morning” (via Joe Gandleman at TMV): What’s a Wingnut? It’s someone on the far-right wing or far-left wing of American politics – the professional partisans and the unhinged activists – the folks who always try to divide rather than unite. In our polarized two party system, [...]

Electoral Insanity

I think it was Albert Einstein who defined insanity as doing the same thing again and again, and expecting different results. When it comes to the US Congress, Einstein would no doubt have considered American voters to be insane.    We re-elect the same people time after time, yet are unhappy that nothing seems to change.    [...]

Commitments for Accountability: A Civics Lesson

Update:  I’ve posted on the status of responses, by race / district, here. —– If nothing else, events in recent weeks have demonstrated that the corruption in Washington has reached the boiling point.  We are now faced with a legislative body so dysfunctional that it cannot pass even emergency legislation without bribes and enticements.  The [...]

America’s Real Crisis: The Leadership Deficit

Nearly a month ago, I placed myself on the fence in the 2008 election.  Several weeks later, I’m coming off that fence, and this is the first of several posts explaining my reasoning. I spent much of yesterday morning writing and calling various Representatives, trying to voice my support for congressional members who will stand [...]

Obama? McCain? I’m back on the fence.

Update:  I’ve expanded on my rationale in a separate post at The Moderate Voice. There’s been a lot of speculation (and angst) about the size and scope of McCain’s convention bounce.  If the blogosphere is any indication of the true state of things (and that’s a big “if”), Democrats are on the verge of panic [...]