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And that, as they say, is that

From FoxNews: Democrat Jim Webb has won the U.S. Senate race in Virginia, defeating incumbent Republican Sen. George Allen and giving Democrats control of the Congress for the first time since 1994. Allen scheduled a 3 p.m. ET press conference, during which he is expected to concede the race to Webb. Both the Senate and [...]

Cautious jubilation in the middle

The election analysis in this morning’s Washington Post speaks straight to Polimom (my emphasis throughout): How far the balance shifts to the left remains to be seen. The passion of the antiwar movement helped propel party activists in this election year, and the House leadership under the likely new speaker,Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), hails from the [...]

Sodium-free politics

So — have you been taking all this political madness with a big grain of salt this election season? Does it worry you if others haven’t?

America shows the world how it’s done

You know, it’s a real miracle that anybody bothers to vote at all. I’m only one pot of coffee into my day, and already things are falling apart: Voting machines began wreaking havoc the minute the polls opened Tuesday, delaying voters in dozens of Indiana and Ohio precincts and leaving some in Florida with little [...]

Live-blogging at the Chronicle

For a (very) early-morning person like me, this isn’t the best of news: WASHINGTON – Americans might head off to bed tonight without knowing the answer to the most compelling political question of the day: Who will control the Senate for the last two years of President Bush’s term? Tight races, electronic voting machine glitches, [...]