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Enough with the bubble-think. It’s a balloon.

This bit from John McCain during the debate last night is bugging me: I am convinced that, until we reverse this continued decline in home ownership and put a floor under it, and so that people have not only the hope and belief they can stay in their homes and realize the American dream, but [...]

First impressions of the last (finally!!) debate

Just as well Adorable Child decided to watch Aladdin tonight instead of the last presidential debate;  it would have bored her to tears.   If you opted for Aladdin this evening as well, the transcript is available here. The only thing new that I heard tonight was Joe the Plumber.  Oh… and Joe.  The Plumber.  And [...]

Stuck with the Palin Joker

This really is the only card in the McCain deck that has much value now: Few believe the GOP has any chance to reclaim either chamber of Congress.  But many in the party have sought to keep a brave public face on their prospects. Now, with under a month until  Election Day, McCain’s campaign has apparently decided that [...]

It’s about fear

There’s been a lot of coverage lately about the emotion being stirred up in the GOP base.  Mostly, it’s manifesting at the McCain or Palin rallies, with shouts of “terrorist” and “socialist” when Barack Obama’s name is mentioned.  Hussein is back as part of the full-name introductions now, and video after video is coming online [...]

“McCain is Right” Ad: A Major Misfire

Before I’d even taken my sandy-eyed, exhausted self off to bed last night, the McCain campaign came out with a post-debate ad.  (You can view it here.)  In it, he quotes Obama’s several “McCain is right” lines, and spins himself dizzy. Agreeing with one’s opponent as a segue into the rebuttal is a common debate [...]