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It’s Time to Go

( Moving )

The deed is done, the commitment is made (and the money is paid).   It’s now ours. What a place!!!   Just sitting on the screened porch, I could feel myself detoxing.  Gonna have to make absolutely sure, though, that those screens are perfectly maintained.  Lots of mosquitoes.  And fireflies.  And dragonflies.  And owls.   And frogs — [...]

The Chaos. It Burns.

( Moving )

The “merry” month of May has always been hectic here, but this May is particularly nutso. On top of the usual end-of-school craziness (TAKS?  Finals?  Just how many tests do kids need, anyway?), and summer swim league training (every danged day right after school), we’ve added in a house closing in New Hampshire, three separate [...]