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A Closed Folder, A Sad Farewell

I have a special email sub-folder which, over the years, has slowly filled with notes, comments, and feedback from one of the most special bloggers I ever encountered online. During fits of funk and blogging boredom, a quick couple of lines might come floating in:  “Dear Polimom, I was very upset to read your last [...]

Earth calling Sarah. Come in, Sarah…?

This would be funny, if the subject had not been presented already to voters as a credible candidate for one of the highest offices in the country.  (Alaska Daily News) Gov. Sarah Palin’s personal attorney issued a statement Saturday denouncing rumors that Palin resigned because she is under criminal investigation and threatening legal action for [...]

pro·pa·gan·da (noun)

Once upon a time, there was some idea that the blogosphere was the “new media”. Remember that? The citizens were going to keep government honest; it was going to be a haven from the blatant bias in our traditional media. Clearly the bright shiny “new”ness has worn off the blogospheric penny (my emphasis): Some of [...]

Manufacturing Controversies on the Fringe

Okay… so Little Green Footballs isn’t exactly a moderate site (*cough*) — but they are a big site.  So when I saw this story headline on memeorandum today, I wondered what was up:   Palin-Hatred Reaching Rabid Level It’s a short post.  It shows a very ugly depiction of Sarah Palin, and then lambasts the MSM [...]

I’m a Spectator Now!

I haven’t had a lot to say the last few days — at least, not here on the blog.   Why bother?  The shouting and shrieking is hitting a crescendo, and there’s not a lot of point in voicing my tiny voice — here or anywhere. This weekend, in particular, was bad… and somewhere between the [...]