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A Closed Folder, A Sad Farewell

I have a special email sub-folder which, over the years, has slowly filled with notes, comments, and feedback from one of the most special bloggers I ever encountered online. During fits of funk and blogging boredom, a quick couple of lines might come floating in:  “Dear Polimom, I was very upset to read your last [...]

Earth calling Sarah. Come in, Sarah…?

This would be funny, if the subject had not been presented already to voters as a credible candidate for one of the highest offices in the country.  (Alaska Daily News) Gov. Sarah Palin’s personal attorney issued a statement Saturday denouncing rumors that Palin resigned because she is under criminal investigation and threatening legal action for [...]

Captain rescued, sane people happy

Yesterday, the made-for-television drama off the Somali coast came to the most successful conclusion possible.  The heroic Captain Phillips was rescued, unharmed, and the three pirates in the lifeboat with him at the time were killed. I can’t imagine a better outcome, frankly. And unless you’re a right wing radio talker or ODS-suffering blogger (OMG [...]

pro·pa·gan·da (noun)

Once upon a time, there was some idea that the blogosphere was the “new media”. Remember that? The citizens were going to keep government honest; it was going to be a haven from the blatant bias in our traditional media. Clearly the bright shiny “new”ness has worn off the blogospheric penny (my emphasis): Some of [...]

Red Meat News

( Media )

I’m probably gonna regret posting this.  Somebody’s bound to come in screeching about how “their” wholly biased “news” network is the best, but here goes anyway. It seems that CNN has fallen to third in the news network ratings, at least during prime-time. NEW YORK – CNN is poised to finish March third in the [...]