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(I plan to keep this post at the top today, and will be adding links as time allows.) A year ago, Katrina came ashore, wiping out entire communities along the Gulf Coast. The storm destroyed lives, dreams, and homes, and exposed hitherto unseen societal and governmental failures on an unfathomable scale. The media has given [...]

Spotlight on New Orleans

In a little over a week, the media will again be full of stories about Katrina. There’ll be tales of triumph — of people who found hope and a future in new locations; but there’ll be many more stories of loss — of folks who have not yet found jobs or can’t afford the new [...]

June 1 – Are you prepared?

This is it, folks — the official First Day of Hurricane Season. Are you ready? Over here in Texas, officials have been working on a coordinated state-wide plan to manage (coherently) a more orderly evacuation and preparation process. Comforting, I must say, for those of us in this area who were so deeply involved with [...]

Some New Orleans (un)reality

Oh dear me. Polimom really doesn’t like the sound of this ( WASHINGTON (AP) — Everyone has known New Orleans is a sinking city. Now new research suggests parts of the city are sinking even faster than many scientists imagined — more than an inch a year. [snip] The research, reported in the journal Nature, [...]

Thinking of Algiers tonight

I had a comment today on a post I wrote in January, telling me about recent shootings on the Point – including the officer that was shot today on Opelousas. A 25-year-old New Orleans police officer was undergoing surgery at Charity’s Trauma Center after being shot at least twice during a traffic stop in Algiers, [...]