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A sucker bet

From the comments on a NOLA post this weekend: In the mean time, half the state is losing their insurance. Mine got canceled this week…because I’d held it for under three years. I could feel wisps of steam starting to waft from my ears when I read that. That’s a reason to cancel someone’s policy???? [...]

The Sounds of Silence

The nation’s moved past the nightmares of Katrina and Rita, and nothing could have underscored this reality more than Tuesday night’s thundering silence on the subject during Bush’s SOTU address. Hello darkness, my old friend I’ve come to talk with you again Because a vision softly creeping Left its seeds while I was sleeping And [...]

New Orleans — our own little Baghdad USA

Some time ago, I pretty much stopped writing about Iraq. I’m sad for the Iraqis whose lives have been thrown into the abyss; I’m appalled by the sectarian mayhem and human atrocities; I’m livid at my government, whose lack of planning for a post-invasion Iraq led to the entire mess. And I’m utterly helpless to [...]

Rebuilding New Orleans: they’re doing the best they can

One week shy of a year ago, the Bring New Orleans Back commission unveiled their recommendations for recovery and rebuilding NOLA. The response was underwhelming, as the Washington Post wrote in January 2006: Hundreds of residents packed into a hotel ballroom interrupted the presentation of the long-awaited proposal with shouts and taunts, booed its main [...]

Offshore drilling bill vote postponed

Today, the 109th Congress, having off-loaded the vast majority of its inbox for this last session, postponed voting on the offshore drilling bill (USA Today): House Republicans on Tuesday postponed action on what was to be one of last major legislative achievements of this session of Congress, a bill to open a large area of [...]