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Revenge of the Birds

In light of the highly-publicized aircraft – bird incidents recently, I’m getting the feeling that maybe the Birds aren’t too happy with us. Or maybe it’s Mother Nature’s way of handling this pesky race known as humanity? For the record:  On take-off from Houston Intercontinental a few years ago, there was a loud BANG and [...]

Spring is sprunging already?

Wildflowers are popping out all over the bayous. Is it just me, or does it seem a bit early for this?

Take off

Coming home along hwy 529 today from the Katy Prairie, I spied a gorgeous hawk on the power line.  Since I had the big lens — and 2x teleconverter — right there on the seat beside me, I pulled over. I’m sure I looked a bit bizarre with my leg propped up acting as a [...]