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A Milestone

Just last night, I told Adorable Child that our lives would be approaching “normal” again when she saw me processing a big series of shots… and wouldn’t you know it, but this morning brought fog. I had to – had to – go for it. Okay… so it’s not a big series.  I probably only [...]

Things I’m Missing…

The night before surgery, Adorable Child asked to sleep with me.  It didn’t seem like the best idea to me:  I was in enormous pain, she had school the next day, and I knew I’d be up crying for much of the night.  Not only would she be short of sleep, she’d be further distressed [...]

Friday Night Lights

Although I’ve shot sports / action in the past (primarily swimming and volleyball), I’ve wanted to shoot football for some time — no doubt because I’m such a fan.  Wasn’t sure how to get into it, though, since it seems to be an area where you have to know someone, or already have experience. So [...]


We have a beautiful Duranta bush in our backyard.  Since it’s right off the patio, and is covered with small purple flowers, the hummingbirds absolutely love it — so much so that I haven’t even put feeders out this year as I’ve had to do in years past. Just as well, cuz feeders are fine, [...]

Trade-offs in the Garden

Been awhile since I’ve posted anything — sorry about that!  Ramping up for “Back to School” (and then actually starting) seriously affected my ability to focus on anything. I started getting my ‘focus’ back this week, though — specifically, in my garden. This particular caterpillar was one of many that decided it was time to [...]