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Moulin. Finally.

Back in January I introduced Rouge — one of two odd little critters Santa decided we needed this year. You might not recognize him anymore from that picture, because he changed shells a couple of months ago. His new one’s a lot less interesting (imho), but they go where they will, and he’s still cute. [...]

Head lights

One of the challenges photographers face is understanding “white balance” — basically, rendering color correctly under various types of light.  There are many good descriptions out there of this.  Here’s Ken Rockwell, for instance: Different kinds of light require different adjustments to give a good picture. If we consider full daylight as “normal,” then indoor [...]

The Education of a Photographer

I’m taking a lighting class, and the first assignment involves a wig head. Couldn’t resist the book…

Moulin and Rouge

Santa brought a couple of new pets to our house this year.  (Apparently Santa think 2 cats and a dog are insufficient…?) So meet Rouge: Kinda cute, yes? To shoot these, I used an off-camera strobe, and also the on-camera flash to even out some of the light.  And for the record…  a Hermit Crab [...]