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I’ve spent much of the last week reflecting. On my mother, on me, on our relationship… The deeper I look, the more clarity I find. However painful it all is.

Trade-offs in the Garden

Been awhile since I’ve posted anything — sorry about that!  Ramping up for “Back to School” (and then actually starting) seriously affected my ability to focus on anything. I started getting my ‘focus’ back this week, though — specifically, in my garden. This particular caterpillar was one of many that decided it was time to [...]

A new lens!

I got a new lens!!!  A macro! And it’s taking some real focus (haha) to learn to use it. It’s a Tamron 90mm 2.8 — and I can get really, really close to my subjects… as long as they don’t move around on me. Not sure how I’ll get bugs to hold still, though.

Pink for the Cure

Pink. Passionately. For the cure.

Close. Closer…

( Macro )

One of the really nice things about digital photography is the ability to take nearly unlimited numbers of shots. Thus, you can have a lovely rose: And you can have it closer… Or you can capture a lovely dragonfly: And you can also see it closer. Much closer… Enjoy!