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Saints. Sunday. Be there.

Okay.  So it’s no secret that I’m a rabid New Orleans Saints fan.  Have been for decades;  even went through the “Ain’ts” stage, complete with bag on head. This year, though, is altogether different.  They’re playing Sunday against Minnesota for a chance at all the marbles.  The winner goes to the Superbowl. Yes, the Superbowl.  [...]

NFL Picks Week 4

I’m getting this out even later than I did last week, thanks to the increasing madness in the presidential election.  (I’m a raving political junkie these days, I guess.) First, a summary of last week.  Because I differed so widely from The Golden Coin (TGC), I predicted that either the Coin or I was going [...]

NFL Picks Week 3

The Golden Coin (TGC) is currently at 19-12 for the season.  Unfortunately, you’ll have to take my word for that, since Hurricane Ike derailed last week’s post. :

NFL Picks: Week 1

It’s wayyyy past time to take a break from hurricanes and politics. Tonight, football season officially gets underway — and Polimom has unearthed The Magical Golden Coin once again. Here’s this week’s flips*: NY GIANTS (-3.5) over Washington St. Louis (+7.5) over PHILADELPHIA Seattle (+0.5) over BUFFALO MIAMI (+3.5) over NY Jets – Clearly the [...]

NFL Football Picks: Week #14

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Last week, at 11-5 against the spread, the Golden Coin outperformed Polimom yet again. In fact, Polimom’s only beat the Coin once in the last 3 weeks (since I started using it), and that was Week 12. (The Coin went 8-8 while Polimom was 11-5). Let’s see if the coin can pull it off again. [...]