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You know people have gone all addlepated when they latch onto a story about Obama having a food taster in France: When the World’s Biggest Celebrity and his wife had their glam-date in Paris, part of their Family Dream Weekend in Paris, their food taster was on hand, ready to die for his president. Yadda-yadda.  [...]

Texas Governor Perry says “Choose Wife!”

In a ground-breaking move Thursday, the Texas Senate passed a bill approving new license plates that read “Choose Wife” — thus allowing Texans to publicly display their concern for high divorce rates in the state. The bill now moves to the House.  If it passes there, concerned Texans will be able to order the metallic [...]

Birthday Inspiration

Very few people ever forget to wish me Happy Birthday — not because I’m remarkably beloved or special, but because everyone is reminded of the date as it approaches. “April 15th.  Income Tax Day!  Yuck!!  Oh — that reminds me that I need to call Polimom.” *sigh* Ah well — at least they still remember [...]

Enterprising young people

Adorable Child stayed at a friend’s house last night, so she doesn’t yet know what’s waiting for her here at home. Polimom and Dear Husband, otoh, have known about this since 4:30 am, when the doorbell rang.  And when we didn’t rush downstairs, it rang yet again, accompanied by pounding. Evidently it frustrated them immensely [...]

“Don’t talk to anybody, Mom”

Adorable Child just called from school.  It seems that she needs me to rush right up there (*snort!!*) to sign a form.  (It’s the last day, Mom!) Sorry, AC.  Can’t rush up there right now. So she says it’ll be okay if I come at lunch-time and meet up with her to sign it.  Oh!  [...]