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To Hell and Back

She stormed through flames and fiery hell, A sad and angry soul; As I cried and raged behind her, Her life my only goal.   Yet as she slipped away from me, her hand groped out behind; “Hold me, Mama.  Don’t let go. This world is so unkind”   I reached for her with all [...]

Pond Stalking

From almost the first day we arrived here, there’s been an enormous waterbird stalking our pond — no doubt because we have an abundance of these: Or should I say, we had an abundance. Daily visits to the smorgasbord have reduced the supply rather markedly. He’s a Great Blue Heron. And he’s been driving me [...]


I’ve spent much of the last week reflecting. On my mother, on me, on our relationship… The deeper I look, the more clarity I find. However painful it all is.

Wishing You a Few Pleasant Days

Just 5 days before my mother passed away — the very day she was told she was almost out of time — a plant arrived.  A lovely chrysanthemum that was about to bloom. It was flat-out covered with buds… and when Adorable Child brought the plant downstairs to my mother, we all sat out on [...]

What is this?

And what’s it doing on my New Hampshire pond? It looks like a sandpiper to me, but I thought they were beach birds. Anybody? Update:  This is, I believe, a Solitary Sandpiper.  Cool!