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Yes, we’re here!

Sorry for the disappearing act!  Although Hurricane Ike allowed for a stunning sunset as the storm came in, it’s been a bit of a mess on the backside. We came through the storm very well at Polimom’s, though some of our neighbors fared less well.  There’s some roof damage, and one neighbor lost nearly all [...]

Plans and expectations

Since people continue to google in, wondering what to expect in and around Katy, here’s my best take on our situation: The 1pm advisories are out, and very little has changed.  Hurricane Ike is almost certainly going to hit as a Cat 2 storm.  Ike is pushing an incredibly dangerous surge, and people from Galveston [...]

Ready for Ike? My camera says no…

I drove around the Mason Rd. area this morning with my camera, curious about what other neighborhoods and businesses have done to prepare for Ike. Judging from the line outside the hardware store 20 minutes before it’s supposed to open, I’m guessing some folks are not quite ready. There seems to be plenty of gas [...]

Pre-Ike quiet

Adorable Child is off to a friend’s for an overnight, leaving Dear Husband and Polimom with nothing to do.  Our hurricane preparations are complete, and we’re at loose ends now. I can’t actually say this will be a non-event in Katy (as Rita turned out to be), but I’m pretty confident now that it’s not [...]

Jitters and nerves (Updated)

Yup.    I’ve got them too. But the 10:00am update is out, and the upshot is that the intensity predictions at landfall have not gone up. The forecast isn’t all good news, of course.    Although Hurricane Ike hasn’t strengthened from a Cat 2, the pressure is low — usually an indicator of a more intense [...]