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Nagin sets up the next disaster

So… the evacuation in front of Gustav went extremely well. Preparations were made for security, information seemed to be more comprehensive, and for the most part, people listened. That’s a good thing, because hurricanes, as everybody knows, are extremely unpredictable. Furthermore, the repairs to the levees are neither complete, nor tested. But by Monday night, [...]

Power problems in New Orleans

Looks like Algiers Point is one of the very few places that has power in NOLA — and I’m told that it’s somewhat spotty. In fact, according to this post at GulfSails, New Orleans is off the grid altogether. And might be for quite a while. What a mess. Dodge the bullet, and end up [...]

Conditions on the Point

I can hardly tell you how much fun it was to talk to Algiers Point just now. Couldn’t be a bigger contrast to the situation in 2005. I’m told that there’s power for the most part, though one or two streets may not yet have it. (Parts of Pelican St. never lost power at all!) [...]

Second-guessing the evacuations

Update: Looks like re-entry for “Ordinary” residents will be Thursday. And more comprehensive info here. —- Emails have been coming in since yesterday evening, and Twitter’s been alive with: “Can we come home now?” Since the answer this morning seems to be, “No, not yet“, I expect that question to quickly morph into “Why can’t [...]

Hoping for a “snow day”, and more Katy weirdness

Adorable Child (AC) tells me that her good friend’s mom thinks they may not have to go to school tomorrow. Cuz there’s a hurricane out there. When I pointed out that said hurricane was hitting a different state altogether, and that it probably won’t even be a hurricane by the time she wakes in the [...]