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Earl, and People in Glass Houses

When we tell people here that we’ve just moved from the Gulf Coast region, they nearly always say, “Ah!  Then you’re used to this heat!”   (Nobody gets used to heat like this.  You just endure.) I’m kind of expecting the next couple of days to bring an entirely different reaction:  “You moved from Texas?  Ah!  [...]

Hello? Is this Polimom?

Five years sounds like a blink of an eye to me most of the time… but the days following Katrina, and the chaos and emotion that lived on this blog then, seem much longer ago than that. Is it really only five years? Amazing to me that this date nearly slipped by without my realizing [...]

Risky business?

Hunh.  A friend emails something to add to our stress levels next time a hurricane’s in the Gulf of Mexico.  From the NY Times: Much of the University of Texas medical school on this island suffered flood damage during Hurricane Ike, except for one gleaming new building, a national biological defense laboratory that will soon [...]

Yes, we’re here!

Sorry for the disappearing act!  Although Hurricane Ike allowed for a stunning sunset as the storm came in, it’s been a bit of a mess on the backside. We came through the storm very well at Polimom’s, though some of our neighbors fared less well.  There’s some roof damage, and one neighbor lost nearly all [...]

Plans and expectations

Since people continue to google in, wondering what to expect in and around Katy, here’s my best take on our situation: The 1pm advisories are out, and very little has changed.  Hurricane Ike is almost certainly going to hit as a Cat 2 storm.  Ike is pushing an incredibly dangerous surge, and people from Galveston [...]