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Vouchers, healthcare, and nationalization

There’s been an excellent debate / discussion going on about school vouchers (here, here, and here), and the reasons they’re being resisted by some (many?) folks. Unions, and their motives / purposes, are interesting topics, but I have a separate question altogether. Megan McArdle wrote (on the subject of school vouchers): 1) A voucher system [...]

Perry dodges the base

I’ll be doggoned. Texas, of all places, is going to break ground on an issue that some social conservatives aren’t happy about: the vaccination against a leading cause of cervical cancer. From the Houston Chronicle: AUSTIN — Gov. Rick Perry ordered today that schoolgirls in Texas must be vaccinated against the sexually transmitted virus that [...]

An anti-federalism trap

In 1993, the Clinton administration tried to pass a universal health care plan. There were a number of flaws with that national health care proposal — not least that it was employer-based and rooted in HMO’s (something I work assiduously to avoid) — but it was, at least, an attempt to wrestle the problem to [...]

The coming health care tax proposal

In Tuesday’s SoTU address, Bush will be playing to a tough crowd; the national audience is well and truly ticked off at him. Thus, I’m not particularly surprised to read that he’s planning to talk about issues other than Iraq, like energy, immigration, and health care. Today’s New York Times has a preview of the [...]