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Risky business?

Hunh.  A friend emails something to add to our stress levels next time a hurricane’s in the Gulf of Mexico.  From the NY Times: Much of the University of Texas medical school on this island suffered flood damage during Hurricane Ike, except for one gleaming new building, a national biological defense laboratory that will soon [...]

Pre-Ike quiet

Adorable Child is off to a friend’s for an overnight, leaving Dear Husband and Polimom with nothing to do.  Our hurricane preparations are complete, and we’re at loose ends now. I can’t actually say this will be a non-event in Katy (as Rita turned out to be), but I’m pretty confident now that it’s not [...]

Ike Preparation Day

The track of Ike has shifted a tad north yet again, and it’s downright amazing how much this reminds me of Rita now.  Reading through old blog posts makes it that much more surreal, and if I lived up around Beaumont, I’d be pretty skittish. Unfortunately, the current track is downright ugly for the coast [...]

Another hurricane? Ack! What about Katy???

Every time a storm kicks up that might head into the Gulf of Mexico, folks in my neck of the woods start to hyperventilate. And twitch. And pack the cars. “When should I evacuate from Katy?” or “What can we expect in Katy?” I’ve been puzzled by this for years. We’re not directly on the [...]

Second-guessing the evacuations

Update: Looks like re-entry for “Ordinary” residents will be Thursday. And more comprehensive info here. —- Emails have been coming in since yesterday evening, and Twitter’s been alive with: “Can we come home now?” Since the answer this morning seems to be, “No, not yet“, I expect that question to quickly morph into “Why can’t [...]