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Great Expectations and The American Dream

One of the charges often made these days is that the American dream is lost — that unlike generations that have come before us, we and/or our children will not see an increase in the standard of living or quality of life. Every time I come across one of these assertions (and they come from [...]

Trade-offs in the Garden

Been awhile since I’ve posted anything — sorry about that!  Ramping up for “Back to School” (and then actually starting) seriously affected my ability to focus on anything. I started getting my ‘focus’ back this week, though — specifically, in my garden. This particular caterpillar was one of many that decided it was time to [...]

Polimom’s moving

Polimom Says… will be moving here soon from Blogger. (I’m kinda tired of the unpredictability of blogger’s up/down-time.)  When links, etc. are set up satisfactorily here, I’ll post a redirect entry at, and start running the blog here. I will probably leave the old blogspot online, though – since there are wayyyyy too many [...]

If you have to ask, you can’t afford it

Sometimes, it’s hard to know what the actual context was for quotes rendered by the press. But even with the normal, skeptical filters in place, Rep. Tom Davis’ statements in this article set off alarms for me: Echoing a common sentiment in Congress, Davis said that for the time being he was satisfied with the [...]

Without those levees…

I’ve been thinking about Tim’s call to bloggers, asking for everyone to speak up about the need for much stronger levees for New Orleans. And while we’ve all been talking about the levee problems for months, he’s right – because EVERYTHING depends on strengthened levees for a safer city. I spent two hours this morning, [...]