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Sea of Green

My apologies for not posting in over a week.  The aftermath of the Iranian election has caught me up fully, and I’ve been unwilling (unable) to take my eyes from it.  And what, really, could I add to the general cacophony online?  When things are so very fluid, there’s little to do but watch. Today’s [...]

If Iraq asked us, would we leave?

I can see a point coming soon where Iraqi and American interests will diverge, and so I have a hypothetical question: If the Iraqi government asked us to leave right now, do you think President Bush would agree to do so?   And/or would John McCain agree a year from now, if asked? Even if, by [...]

Stepping back from the brink

( Iran )

For folks spoiling for a fight with Iran, this may be disappointing (from Reuters): TEHRAN (Reuters) – Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said on Wednesday he would free 15 British sailors and marines as a “gift” to Britain. The president scolded Britain for not being “brave enough” to admit they had made a mistake and strayed [...]

Playing the Iranian game

Iran’s seizure of 15 British naval personnel has analysts and pundits spinning in circles. Were they trying to influence the U.N. Security Council? Are they trying to “reassert their political and military relevance” in the Persian Gulf area? Perhaps they’re trying to leverage public opinion — in this case, against Tony Blair — by taking [...]

Rod Serling, Save Us!

( Iran )

You’ve entered that gray area between day and night: WASHINGTON, Feb. 22 — In open defiance of the United Nations, Iran is steadily expanding — rather than freezing — its efforts to enrich uranium, the International Atomic Energy Agency reported today. The findings have prompted the Bush Administration to press for more severe sanctions against [...]