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Wishing You a Few Pleasant Days

Just 5 days before my mother passed away — the very day she was told she was almost out of time — a plant arrived.  A lovely chrysanthemum that was about to bloom. It was flat-out covered with buds… and when Adorable Child brought the plant downstairs to my mother, we all sat out on [...]

Peace at Last

( Family )

Helen Marie McCabe — aka Goldenrod — aka my mother — passed away very early this morning. I’ll be making arrangements for a memorial service soon.  If you haven’t heard from me directly and wish to be notified and/or attend, it’s because I don’t have access to all my mother’s online contact information.  I hope [...]

This is the End for Me, Isn’t It

( Family )

One of the most beautiful things about relationships is how different people meet different areas of need for one another. It’s not as if we deliberately pick and choose for such specificity, either;  it just comes together somehow.  And yesterday, this remarkable attribute manifested in a glaring way when my mother asked Dear Husband,  “This [...]

Time’s Running Out

( Family )

I have to write about what’s going on with Mom.  She wants me to, and I said I would, but…   I keep getting lost in my emotions. Started a bunch of updates, in fact.  All of them were dumped. It all feels too personal, to be honest — and while Mom never seemed to have [...]

A Morning with Goldenrod

( Family )

Okay.  So.  This turns out to be hard. *deep breath* Something’s changed the last few days with Goldenrod.  She’s MUCH much weaker, she’s suddenly sleeping a great deal, and she seems to have lost interest in any of the things she enjoyed doing — or at the very least, she hasn’t the energy. Only a [...]