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Big Yellow Taxi

They paved paradise and put up a parking lot, With a pink hotel, a boutique, And a swinging hot spot. It rained in the Houston area last week. Now, considering we’ve all been worryin’ about a drought, you’d be forgiven for thinking that to be a good thing.  But it turns out we can’t handle [...]

Revenge of the Birds

In light of the highly-publicized aircraft – bird incidents recently, I’m getting the feeling that maybe the Birds aren’t too happy with us. Or maybe it’s Mother Nature’s way of handling this pesky race known as humanity? For the record:  On take-off from Houston Intercontinental a few years ago, there was a loud BANG and [...]

Risky business?

Hunh.  A friend emails something to add to our stress levels next time a hurricane’s in the Gulf of Mexico.  From the NY Times: Much of the University of Texas medical school on this island suffered flood damage during Hurricane Ike, except for one gleaming new building, a national biological defense laboratory that will soon [...]

Catching the Wind

T. Boone Pickens has evidently decided that somebody needs to act — seriously, in a big way — on the energy problem.  And he’s starting with wind.  (CNN) The legendary entrepreneur and philanthropist on Tuesday unveiled a new energy plan he says will decrease the United States’ dependency on foreign oil by more than one-third [...]

Dirty Drainage Ditches

If you live anywhere in the Houston area, this story should bother you: Fecal pathogens are thriving in the regional waterways. Buffalo and White Oak bayous have bacterial counts that rank among the highest in Texas. [...] Whitworth said the city of Houston has done better recently upgrading sewage treatment plants, spending $1 billion since [...]