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Birthday Inspiration

Very few people ever forget to wish me Happy Birthday — not because I’m remarkably beloved or special, but because everyone is reminded of the date as it approaches. “April 15th.  Income Tax Day!  Yuck!!  Oh — that reminds me that I need to call Polimom.” *sigh* Ah well — at least they still remember [...]

Mad World

Since the DVR cut off the end of American Idol, I (and probably a million other frustrated people) spent the last hour trying to hunt down a video of Adam Lambert performing tonight. It was worth the hunt. Talent like this is oh so very rare. Words fail me. Note:  I fully expect the video [...]

The Adam Lambert Show

Last night, Polimom and family sat down to watch The Adam Lambert Show. Haven’t heard of it? Sure you have.  It used to be called American Idol. Incredible.