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Bucky, 2007: Bucky, 2008: Officers arrested Gregory, 23, late Friday on accusations that he was responsible for decapitating Mr. Buck, a tame deer that visitors could pet at Bear Creek Pioneers Park’s wildlife sanctuary. The only thing I can say about this that’s at all upbeat is that Bucky fought back. **Sigh…**


Had to take Adorable Child (AC) to a doctor’s appointment today. Her doctor mentioned that she’d been seeing people all morning who “had to get in today” because they were “evacuating”. AC confirmed that many of the kids she knows are leaving town early, so they can be safely away before Gustav comes. Please. Stop [...]

Dousing the Dream

The Olympic Torch relay has turned into a fiasco. In London yesterday, protesters tried to grab and put out the torch, and 37 people were arrested. Today in Paris, it seems that officials had to temporarily extinguish it — twice – and put it on a bus. Via Bloomberg: The Paris leg of the relay [...]

Adding color to a black and white world

As AC was getting ready to leave for school this morning, I took a moment to talk to her about yesterday’s shootings at Northern Illinois University. I didn’t want her to hear about it on the bus or in the halls at school, the way she’d learned about the murder spree at VA Tech last [...]


Thank goodness there are bureaucrats to protect Katy from the truly dangerous. (With special thanks to Adorable Child for the graffiti writing…)