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Anti-Abortion. Anti-Life. Anti-Law.

It’s been quite awhile since I’ve posted, but yesterday’s murder of Dr. George Tiller — one of only two or three medical practitioners in the entire country who performed “late term” abortions –caught my attention in a way nothing has for some time. Dr. Tiller had been the target of violence and threats and heated [...]

Those little Texas towns

A couple of weeks ago, Polimom went up to the Ouachita Mountain region of Arkansas. Even though I knew the route (it’s a pretty straight shot up Hwy 59), I used the new GPS that Santa brought this year. A funny thing happened, though, in Tenaha: the GPS recommended a turn just before the main [...]


Bucky, 2007: Bucky, 2008: Officers arrested Gregory, 23, late Friday on accusations that he was responsible for decapitating Mr. Buck, a tame deer that visitors could pet at Bear Creek Pioneers Park’s wildlife sanctuary. The only thing I can say about this that’s at all upbeat is that Bucky fought back. **Sigh…**

Photostealing and head fakes

Via memeorandum this morning, I see that a “photo” of Sarah Palin in a bikini has surfaced. Or not. But that’s not going to keep people from pushing it out there. One would think that a little common sense would have grown some legs in this brave new technology world… but nope. As of right [...]

Winnfield, Louisiana: A great American Home Town

How nice. If you visit this small city’s website, you’ll learn that Winnfield, Louisiana was named Louisiana’s top Home Town in February 2001. A great home town is a place with deep roots. Great home towns have well-attended churches, lively places to meet, handsome historic buildings and lots of locally owned businesses. Their residents are [...]