Nope. This is Not a Drill

Posted on Friday 13 March 2020

I held back for quite awhile before I made up my mind whether this coronavirus was worse than the flu. I wanted data, not b.s. from countries like China. Thanks to our FedGov’s sheer incompetence, we don’t have data in the US (that just ticks me of SO badly), so we have to go with data from around the world.

Friends, we have data. Covid-19 is not a hoax. Taking precautions is not alarmist. (Stocking 25 years worth of t.p. is, though…) Taking precautions is multi-purpose:

1 – keep vulnerable people you might come into contact with (or who might come into contact with a surface you touched 3 days ago) from dying.

2 – slow the spread of the disease so it doesn’t overwhelm the healthcare system.

It’s just that simple. And so is the math:

It’s expected that most people will get the virus. Let’s be conservative and go with 60% for “most”. In a country of 330 million, that would mean 198 million.

And let’s say 5% of those are critical. So.. 9.9 million critical cases.

Friends, the mortality rate for the critical cases is very high, 49%. Do the math. My calculator tells me that 49% of 9.9 million people = 4.85 million.

4.85 million people dying is what we really DON’T WANT TO HAVE HAPPEN!!! (I said that really loud for the people in the back — CAN YOU HEAR ME???)

So we have to slow this thing down. Here’s what happens when the healthcare system is overwhelmed, folks:…

Stop squawking about the stupid toilet paper. Stop saying it’s all a hoax. Stop pretending that just because YOU are not at risk, this is all an overreaction.

Get serious. Right freaking now.

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