Democrats and Republicans BOTH own this freaking mess

Posted on Wednesday 9 November 2016

Dear Democrats:

What in the hell were you thinking?   She was a lousy candidate, but you couldn’t take your blinders off to see that.   She was the very epitome of the entrenched political class, and carried in decades of luggage on top of it.  She never had a chance.  You guys need to engage in some serious reflection.


Dear Republicans:

It’s on you, folks, to find a way to bind us back together as a country.  Supporting someone who targeted and marginalized millions of human beings means that your neighbors are now afraid.   More to the point… they fear you, specifically.  Fix that.  Fix it right now.  Before your spiteful “stick in the eye” brings the entire country into the abyss.


I think it’s time to toss these two parties out, lock stock and barrel, and start again.

Holy shit, what a mess.


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