To Hell and Back

Posted on Tuesday 9 August 2011

She stormed through flames and fiery hell,

A sad and angry soul;

As I cried and raged behind her,

Her life my only goal.


Yet as she slipped away from me,

her hand groped out behind;

“Hold me, Mama.  Don’t let go.

This world is so unkind”


I reached for her with all my heart,

And through tremendous force of will

she stepped back from the abyss below,

to find her feet beneath her still.


She’s standing now, a fragile reed

that strengthens more each day;

No longer alone, much less afraid,

as she learns to find her way.


Her road has many twists and turns,

and the path’s not always clear;

But the light is bright upon her,

as she’s learned to fight the fear.


And me?  I stand beside again,

a quiet, solid friend.

Willing to steady, but proud to watch

her take the reins again.

1 Comment for 'To Hell and Back'

    September 2, 2011 | 7:24 pm

    Beautiful and poignant.

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