Familiar Feathered Friends

Posted on Tuesday 17 August 2010

When we arrived in New Hampshire in early June, one of the first sounds I heard was the inimitable arguing of hummingbirds.  I can hardly tell you how happy I was to find them here, since they’re one of my favorite photography subjects (though they can be tough to shoot!).

Not a very ruby throat, eh?

Did you know that hummingbirds migrate?  Or that their average lifespan is ~3 years? That’s what this site says… at least, about Ruby-Throats.

With that info. in mind, you’ll understand why I choose to think I’ve seen these particular visitors before.

My feeder!  Mine!  My personal food source!  Mine!

I don’t normally shoot hummers on / at a feeder.  They (the feeders) just aren’t photogenic enough… particular compared to, say, duranta.  Or bee balm — which we have in abundance.

The light on the feeder yesterday, though, was interesting.  We were gray and overcast (practically the first time all summer), and although I had to crank the ISO WAYYYY up, it made for a couple of decent shots.

You can view my complete hummingbird gallery here (click).  Next year, I’ll get them in the bee balm.


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