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New School Anxiety

It’s 4 am, and (obviously) I’m awake… for the third morning in a row.  Or is it the fourth?  I’m losing track.    But there’s nothing to be done about it until school gets started. My puffy eyes and foggy brain are a direct result of Adorable Child’s New School Anxiety, manifesting as nightmares every night.  [...]

Hello? Is this Polimom?

Five years sounds like a blink of an eye to me most of the time… but the days following Katrina, and the chaos and emotion that lived on this blog then, seem much longer ago than that. Is it really only five years? Amazing to me that this date nearly slipped by without my realizing [...]

A Morning with Goldenrod

Okay.  So.  This turns out to be hard. *deep breath* Something’s changed the last few days with Goldenrod.  She’s MUCH much weaker, she’s suddenly sleeping a great deal, and she seems to have lost interest in any of the things she enjoyed doing — or at the very least, she hasn’t the energy. Only a [...]

What is this?

And what’s it doing on my New Hampshire pond? It looks like a sandpiper to me, but I thought they were beach birds. Anybody? Update:  This is, I believe, a Solitary Sandpiper.  Cool!

Physicians and Weathermen

I hadn’t ever considered (prior to today) that doctors have an important commonality with weathermen:  neither can give an accurate forecast. Consider:  weathermen are very often wrong with their predictions.  Likewise, my mother’s doctor was unwilling to answer the question, “How long do I have to live?” with any specificity.  It seems that often, their [...]