Conversations with Teens

Posted on Sunday 9 May 2010

The other day in the car, Adorable Child, her friend, and I were talking about American Idol this season.  We all agreed that this year’s not worth watching (AC and I aren’t following it at all), and that last year was far more exciting.

And as so often happens with teens, the conversation went in an unexpected direction.

AC’s Friend:  Yeah, I really liked Adam Lambert’s voice, until I found out… well… you know…

Polimom:  You mean, because he’s gay?

AC’s Friend:  Yeah!  I mean… gross!

Polimom:  So… his voice sounds different to you now?  You don’t think he sings as well as he did before you knew?

AC’s Friend:  Well, no… but….   Jeez, I hate when conversations go like this…!

I’ve heard that you’re not supposed to lecture young teens or make them feel bad about their opinions — that doing so will reduce their trust in you and keep them from talking in the future.

Polimom:  [Silence]

Bwahahaha!!!  Parenting’s fun sometimes, yes?

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