Posted on Thursday 10 September 2009

We have a beautiful Duranta bush in our backyard.  Since it’s right off the patio, and is covered with small purple flowers, the hummingbirds absolutely love it — so much so that I haven’t even put feeders out this year as I’ve had to do in years past.

Just as well, cuz feeders are fine, but truly unphotogenic — so for the last week or so, I’ve been trying various of my lenses out to see which I liked best for shooting these incredibly fast little critters “in the wild” (so to speak).

Today, I pulled out the biggest, fastest lens I have:  the 300mm / 2.8.

Hummer I

Not only that, but I doubled its range with a 2x extender.  Since it’s such a cloudy day, though, that meant I had to crank the ISO up.

Hummer II

Gotta say, the D300 handles motion at 1000 ISO pretty darned well.

Have to try something different tomorrow…

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