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We’re in New England this week. Among other things — I’d forgotten how incredibly slow dial-up is.  Once one has grown accustomed to broadband, it’s really difficult to make oneself sit down long enough for the pages to load. (grrr) Been a great trip, though, right up until yesterday afternoon — when I discovered that [...]

Sea of Green

My apologies for not posting in over a week.  The aftermath of the Iranian election has caught me up fully, and I’ve been unwilling (unable) to take my eyes from it.  And what, really, could I add to the general cacophony online?  When things are so very fluid, there’s little to do but watch. Today’s [...]


You know people have gone all addlepated when they latch onto a story about Obama having a food taster in France: When the World’s Biggest Celebrity and his wife had their glam-date in Paris, part of their Family Dream Weekend in Paris, their food taster was on hand, ready to die for his president. Yadda-yadda.  [...]

School’s Out!

I’m outside on the patio right now, researching for a post about Obama’s speech in Cairo today.  (Added:  post’s finally up!)    It’s a breezy, not-yet-hot day — and I’m anticipating the arrival of any number of hyper-excited young teenagers here any second. It’s time to cue Alice:  School’s Out for Summer! It’s quite amazing.  [...]

Relativism and Anarchy

On the heels of the assassination of Dr. George Tiller on Sunday, some wondered about what they see as relativism, and complained that radical actions from the extreme Left don’t get the same treatment.   As a commenter to my Chron post on the subject asked “Where’s the outrage over extremists from the left?” Leaving aside [...]