TAKS, Katy, Flu, and Floods (Updated)

Posted on Tuesday 28 April 2009

UPDATE 8:04 amKaty ISD has closed all campuses for the day.

All Katy ISD campuses will be closed today, April 28, due to localized flooding, water intrusion at several campuses and the threat of additional flooding this afternoon.

(Adorable Child is thrilled!)

* * * * *   Original post:

So far, our local school district (Katy ISD) is reacting calmly to the hyperventilation about the swine flu outbreak.  We had an email last night that basically said to keep sick kids home, and remind them about washing their hands.  (If you’re not on the distribution list, the info-notice is here.)

The storm system, on the other hand, is apparently some causing problems.   This is the current ‘announcement’ at KatyISD.org’s site:

Due to flooding on many local streets, there will be a two hour delay in the opening of all Katy ISD campuses.

Last Updated: 4/28/2009 6:14:33 AM

Adorable Child has gone back to bed.  I’m hoping that means she’ll be doubly ready for the Math TAKS today…

Update:  Wow!  According to the Houston Chronicle, some school districts have closed altogether, and HISD has cancelled TAKS testing today (though they are evidently open).  I’m not sure now that Katy will be testing after all.  (There’s nothing about it one way or another on the site yet.)

Update 2A list of schools impacted by this event.

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