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So who funded this idiocy?

Any story involving humans and “octuplets” makes my head spin, but this really leaves me scratching my head: The mother of a woman who gave birth on Monday to octuplets said her daughter already has six children at home and was undergoing fertility treatment. Fertility treatment, when you already have six children? I really don’t [...]

Take off

Coming home along hwy 529 today from the Katy Prairie, I spied a gorgeous hawk on the power line.  Since I had the big lens — and 2x teleconverter — right there on the seat beside me, I pulled over. I’m sure I looked a bit bizarre with my leg propped up acting as a [...]

Reach: Telephotos and Teleconverters

Santa brought me a new lens for Christmas.  It’s a Nikkor 300mm f/2.8, and it’s an intimidating monster — so much so that it was at least two weeks before I’d even attach it to the camera! But when I finally got up the nerve to use it, I was absolutely stunned by the quality [...]

Ends and Beginnings

Santa brought this cool little “Backwards Bush” days-left-in-office counter over two years ago.  At the time, it registered well over 700 days left to go, and it seemed impossibly far away. It’s been steadily counting down the days, hours, and minutes until George W. Bush would leave office, but a few weeks ago it started [...]


Dear Husband’s out of town again, leaving me in charge of the family hound. Does she look a tad tense here to you? She is!  Because unlike DH, my favorite walking spots aren’t on suburban sidewalks.  Instead, I took her out for a long walk in the wilderness of George Bush Park — which turned [...]