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(Non) Hiking with teenagers

Adorable Child has a friend visiting from up North for a couple of days who has never seen an alligator “in the wild” (her words). Now, we have alligators all over the place here.  I see them in the local bayous all the time, and AC’s friends often talk about the time a gator was [...]

Merry Christmas

Wishing everyone the very happiest Holiday Season. Santa visited here last night, but I think it was very late.  He seems to be have been tired…

Urban Paddling (Updated)

Update:  Via a link provided by Glenn over at the Flickr page for this photo, it turns out the cool “Stonehenge” shots (as I thought of them) are of the Donnellan Grave Vault — a burial crypt for one of Houston’s early families: The Donnellan crypt is a large vault made of red brick with [...]

“All the things Daddy does”

Adorable Child at breakfast this morning: I hadn’t realized all the things Daddy does…” She said this (I’m a tad embarrassed to admit) because she was eating her waffles with a plastic fork.  All the “real” forks were in the dishwasher… which I’d just started. Polimom was a bit quicker to notice that Daddy’s hand [...]

Night creeping

Somewhere between supervising “go to bed” and getting up at 0-dark-thirty every morning, I almost never shoot at night.   (Plus, creeping around outside until nearly midnight makes me a saggy-eyed hag the next day.  Guess how I know…) As a result, I’m not particularly skilled with night photography.  Last night, though, we were fogged [...]