Full Metal Jacket or Private Benjamin?

Posted on Thursday 4 September 2008

I’m stunned that this still goes on (from CNN, my emphasis).

“Now I hear the same chorus from many parents: ‘I don’t want my son or daughter to get shot.’ But I tell them that just because there’s a war, not everyone goes. But that’s a hard message to get across — especially when you come across parents who watched `Full Metal Jacket’ one too many times. It becomes very difficult,” Gianfrancesco said.

So he’d rather show them Private Benjamin?

I’m sorry, but this really is a very bad practice. It’s the military, people. In fact, the recruiter quoted above is in the Army. They deploy to dangerous situations.

That’s the whole point of the exercise!

Jesum!  If you’re going to join, by all means do so. I did.

But do it with your eyes wide open.

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